Is Stockd available in my area?

Stockd is currently operating in one apartment building in Cincinnati.  If you are interested in our service in your building, please complete the Check Availability form here.

How does Stockd prevent theft and people from just giving a bunch to their friends?

A few bad apples shouldn't spoil the bunch.  An unlimited supply applies only to normal personal consumption.  You only need one account per apartment unit.  Stockd tracks individual use of the pantry, and deactivates any accounts with suspicious behavior or excessive usage.  In addition, you can only use your smart phone to unlock the pantry, which prevents others from sharing their accounts.  And, because Stockd is a connected device with a video monitor, we get notified immediately of theft or other out-of-stocks so that we can refill your pantry right away.

Who uses Stockd?

It's an apartment amenity for personal use.  We can install a Stockd pantry in most apartments, condos, and multi-unit residential buildings.

How much does it cost?

Stockd works on a $19.99 monthly membership that you can cancel anytime, and includes a free 30-day trial.  Your membership lets you use as much Charmin, Bounty, Tide, and Cascade you want whenever you want.*  We also take care of installing the Stockd pantry in the common space of your apartment or condo building at no cost.

How do I sign up?

Click here to check if Stockd is available for your apartment, condo, or other residential building.

What's included in my monthly membership?

Grab as much toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent, and dishwasher detergent as you want when you want.  It's unlimited for normal personal usage.  You only need one account per apartment unit.  We keep your apartment or condo building's shared pantry stocked full of individually wrapped packs of Charmin, Bounty, Tide, and Cascade - America's favorite brands.  You can take one pack, four packs, or however many packs you need at anytime.

Where is the Stockd pantry located?

We place it in the lobby or common space of your apartment or condo building for shared access by each unit in your building that has a membership.  We don't install the Stockd pantry inside your actual living space because we want to save you space.  The pantry has a stylish design, is super tasteful, and we work directly with your property manager to complete installation and re-stocking by our team.  You don't have to do anything except sign up.

Who is allowed to use my subscription?

You and your roommates.  One subscription is good for anyone living in one apartment or condo unit in your building.  Each of you will download an app to access the Stockd pantry whenever you want with a simple wave of your smart phone.  Each unit in your building needs to have its own subscription, though, to access Stockd.  We do track usage and suspend accounts that abuse the unlimited privilege.

What type of products are in Stockd?

Stockd offers toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent, and dishwasher detergent because these are the items you need most, but are a pain to buy in traditional and online stores.    Stockd is also owned and operated by Procter & Gamble, which means you get the most popular brands:

  • Charmin Ultra Soft (4 Mega rolls = 16 regular rolls)
  • Bounty (2 Huge rolls = 5 regular rolls)
  • Tide Pods (Original 16-count)
  • Cascade ActionPacs (20-count)

Can you add other products to Stockd?

Not yet, but we are working to expand the types of products we include.  We started with toilet paper and already expanded to paper towels, laundry detergent, and dishwasher detergent because you always need them and it's a big deal if you run out.  Want something else?  Let us know by submitting a request here.

How often do you re-stock the pantry?

As often as needed.  That means hourly, if necessary.  Each Stockd pantry is a connected device that tells us when it is running low on each item so that our service team knows when to restock it 24-7.  Getting low at 2 AM?  Yep, we'll be there.

What if someone takes all of the toilet paper?

No big deal.  The Stockd pantry sends us an alert and we'll refill it right away.  There is also a call button on the pantry and in your app in case you want to notify us directly.  Our Stockd service team works 24-7, so you never have to worry about not having the essentials you when you need them.

At what times can I access my building's Stockd pantry?

Anytime on any day.  Just download the app we provide you when signing up, wave it over the pantry, and grab as much as you need.