Become a member and grab as much as you need of:

  • Charmin Ultra Soft (4 Mega rolls = 16 regular rolls)
  • Bounty (2 Huge rolls = 5 regular rolls)
  • Tide Pods (Original 16-count)
  • Cascade ActionPacs (20-count)


A stylish pantry installed by us in the common space of your apartment or condo building.

Each building is unique, so we take care of working with the property manager to set up a secure pantry in the most accessible, tasteful spot we can find.


Unlock the cabinet simply and securely with a wave of your smart phone.

Grab and go whenever you want.  The pantry is a connected device that tracks stock levels in real-time, and replenishes as often as needed.  You never run out and only pay for the monthly membership.

Worried people giving a bunch to their friends?  We monitor how much each member uses, and temporarily suspend access if we detect suspicious behavior.  Learn more here.